EURODELL – Our Family Legacy

EURODELL has been bringing the taste of Europe to NZ plates for more than 20 years.


Strive to Sell the Highest Quality Products Available
We appreciate and promote quality products because we know the difference they can make in people's lives, that's why we search every day for new premium products.

Satisfy, Delight and Help Grow our Customers
Our customers are our most important stakeholders in our business, we want your business to succeed first and foremost.

Support our Team Members Excellence & Happiness
We are a family after all! Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of all our team members.

Practice & Advance Food Safety
Our integrity starts with our products, we know only the highest standard is acceptable. To ensure this we have a full Food Safety Programme in place with MPI, HACCP and DFCP certification.

Create Ongoing Win-Win Partnerships with our Suppliers
Good relationships in business don't just happen. We always want to build strong successful alliances with supplier partners by working on a long term strategy. That is our commitment.

EURODELL was started by Michael Farac, born Milenko Sretan Farac. Croatian born, on the picturesque small Adriatic island of Korcula. In the late 50’s the family immigrated to Australia, where they settled in the northern suburb of Chatswood, in Sydney.

New Zealand Bound

After 5 years in Australia the family made one final move to Auckland, New Zealand.

Soon after they arrived they began doing what came natural to them… winemaking. They were a founding part of the proud and successful Croatian West Auckland Winery legacy with the opening of ‘Mother’s Cellar Winery’.

Michael and his two brothers Morris (Marine) and George (Jure) worked on the Winery for the next 45 years. They spent this time converting what was originally an orchard into a thriving and very popular brand of wine.  As the boys got married their wives too joined the family business. 

Over time ‘Mother’s Cellar Winery’ became an accomplished business, bottling a wide range of wines such as Cabernet, Sauvignon, Riesling, Sauterne, and even some Sparkling wines. However, its true specialty was in the dessert wines, where their Ports and Sherries became top sellers.

From Wine to Food

Michael missed the traditional foods and delicacies that he and his family were accustomed to back in Europe; the prosciutto, the salamis, the specialty cheeses, the anchovies. These were products that were either scarce or unavailable in New Zealand at the time.

Michael began looking at filling this void, he travelled to Australia and began seeking out importers and producers of such delicacies. He used contacts in Italy and Croatia to find original and authentic products and set about importing them to New Zealand.

He setup a small warehouse with a small refrigerated unit, and with the help of his daughter Anita, began selling the products to family and friends on Saturdays. And so EURODELL was born.

From these modest beginnings EURODELL has grown to become a successful and vibrant nationwide company. Supplying many of New Zealand’s finest restaurants, as well as its supermarket sector, hospitality trade and delicatessen wholesalers.