EURODELL Fine Foods Retail Store

EURODELL can deliver the best in European tastes

When you walk into our retail store you could almost imagine you have stepped into a traditional European Delicatessen – varieties of smoked meats and salamis hang behind the counter, imported cheeses display alongside all things antipasto, shelves stocked full of European delicacies and knowledgeable European staff attentive to your needs. It is a haven of gourmet food for those who appreciate taste and quality in what they eat. Our store is full of an incredible range of food products, imported from Italy, England, Germany, France, Spain, Croatia and Scandinavia. From the meats, processed fish, cheeses, antipastos, olive oils, pastas and sauces to the chocolates and biscuits, your fine food needs will be met. Whether you are looking for small goods, such as coppa, speck, mortadella, prosciutto, pancetta, black forest ham, ham deluxe or something from our array of first class salamis, you will be sure to find it at the EURODELL Fine Foods Retail Store.

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If cheese is what you are after, choose from our mouth-watering selection of imported cheeses – we have Gouda, Edam and Maasdam from Holland, Reggiano, Gorgonzola, Pecorino, Provolone Dolce and Grana Padano from Italy. Manchego, Feta and Gruyere to name a few…Our shop staff will always be on hand to help you find the cheese you are after – (even if it means some sampling!) Our delicious antipastos are not to be unnoticed. Pronto e Fresco’s range of gourmet and innovative products include semi-dried tomatoes, feta stuffed pepper bells, olives stuffed with blue cheese, sicilian olives, green olives and kalamata olives to name a few. We stock the world’s most widely distributed olive oil brand Olitalia, and Mutti, who’s passion is tomatoes. You will step into a world where you will find pleasure and authentic tastes, right here in Hobsonville. EURODELL’s Fine Foods Retail Store has been serving its loyal clientele since 1996 – and we are always on the lookout for new products.

“We do attract Europeans looking for that European taste in their small goods, but it’s also a taste more and more New Zealanders are looking for. Our extensive selection of small goods offers spiced meats and cuts which your average store simply can’t get hold of,” notes our director Michael Farac.

“We’re finding a lot more ‘travelled’ New Zealanders coming in and buying products which they have sampled overseas. Our products aren’t necessarily cheap, but they are exceptional value in terms of quality and flavour.”

Our knowledgeable staff are always helpful and be assured they love to give advice about our products and their taste. Making your enviable task of selection a breeze.

We are easy to get to, handily positioned just off the Upper Harbour motorway, only a 16 minute drive from central Auckland City, with ample parking! Visit us for gourmet food products the way you want it, we’d love to see you!

The EURODELL Fine Foods Retail Store is open seven days a week:

8am to 4pm Monday to Friday
8am to 4pm Saturday & Sunday