Traditionally prepared to enhance the meats natural flavours

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  • Italian Prosciutto Di Parma PDO

    Made only from the legs of pigs originating from the PDO protected circuit in Parma. After initial treatment, trimming and the various salting phases the external surface is softened with a pork-fat-based mixture and it is prepared for the ageing stage in cool and less ventilated cellars, where it slowly reaches maturity over 18 months

    Available sliced in: 1kg, 500g and 80g

  • Prosciutto Campagnolo

    Our Prosciutto ham has become recognised for its superior quality and flavour. A full leg of pork is trimmed and specially treated over several months to develop its exquisite flavour, texture and aroma. This product is best enjoyed thinly sliced

    Available sliced in: 1kg, 500g and 80g

  • Italian Prosciutto Slicing Block

    Perfectly prepared and ‘ready-to-use’ for large scale slicing. All skin and excess fat removed. Conveniently pressed into an easily manageable square block. Less wastage, higher quality cuts, greater consistency per slice, & cost effective

    Available Variants: Filo and Prosciutto di Parma

  • Italian Prosciutto Di San Daniele PDO

    Prosciutto di San Daniele is produced only in the hilly area around the town of San Daniele in the province of Udine, in the extreme north-eastern part of Italy. It is a natural food product with no additives or preservatives of any kind. Our Prosciutto di San Daniele is sweet and soft on the palate, with unmistakable scents

    Available sliced in: 1kg, 500g and 80g

  • Italian Prosciutto Filo

    Prosciutto Filò has been seasoned and cured for a minimum of 12 months to achieve its unmistakable quality and taste

    Available sliced in: 1kg, 500g and 80g

  • Air Dried Chorizo

    Rich colour and flavour. Tibaldi Spanish Chorizo is made from selected lean pork and minced with a blend of aromatic spices and filled into a natural casing which allows it to breathe and mature evenly. Chorizo is best served fried until crisp, and makes a delicious addition to soup, rice and salads

  • Chorizo

    Originating from Spain. Coarsely minced pork and beef spiced with paprika for a full, strong flavour

    Available in: 1kg, 2 and 4 packs

  • Free Range Salami

    A mild salami manufactured from 100% Australian Free Range Pork. Mildly spiced and gently smoked. Best served as an antipasto

    Available sliced in: 1kg, 500g and 80g

  • Sopresso Salami

    Sopressa is a traditional salami of the Veneto region, in northern Italy. Tibaldi Sopressa is made from coarse ground pork and beef with selected herbs and spices

    Available sliced in: 1kg, 500g and 80g
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