Pronto E Fresco Antipasto

All the tasty treats for a summer bbq or dinner party

  • Bulk Olives

    Foodservice grade olives available.

    Available Variants: Sicilian Olives, Whole Kalamata, Sliced Kalamata, and Pitted Kalamata
    Available in: 2kg, 3.3kg and 12kg

  • Green Olives Stuffed with Blue Cheese

    Firm bright green olives are lovingly hand-filled with a smooth and tasty blue cheese and cream cheese filling. Savour the saltiness and smoothness of the filling perfectly balanced by the firm olive

    Available in: 1kg

  • Greek Mix

    We blend semi-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, mushrooms and feta cheese and bring these flavours together with our unique combination of garlic and herbs. Savour the true taste of the Mediterranean

    Available in: 180g and 1kg

  • Sweet Pepperbelles filled with Feta Cream Cheese

    Bright piquant red peppers are filled with our smooth feta and cream cheese. These delectable morsels have a sweet intensity and peppery aftertaste, beautifully balanced by their smooth filling

    Available in: 180g and 1.3kg

  • Marinated Pitted Olive Mix

    A colourful and tasty combination of Pimento stuffed green olives, Pitted green, black and Kalamata olives which are marinated in garlic, herbs and spices. A genuine treat for the true olive lover

    Available in: 185g and 2.5kg

  • Antipasto Mix

    Our delicious medley of vegetables will make your mouth zing! The flavours of semi-dried tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, capsicums and artichokes are deliciously brought together by our perfect blend of garlic and herbs

    Available in: 180g

  • Semi Dried Tomatoes

    Exclusively Australian grown and hand-picked, our plump and juicy tomatoes are sliced into delicate wedges, and air-dried to produce an intense burst of flavour. They are then  marinated in our distinctive blend of canola oil and Mediterranean herbs

    Available in: 180g and 1kg

  • Harissa Split Green Olives

    This Moroccan inspired recipe will liven up any antipasto. Olives marinated in oil and a hot Harissa paste, with added chilli flakes, cumin, coriander and herbs. Lingering strong heat and flavour.

    Available in: 1kg

  • Additional Antipasto Products Available

    Additional Antipasto Products Available in the following categories: Sun Dried Tomatoes, Stuffed Green Olives, Italian Olive Mix, Tapenades

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