Coffee, Tea, Juices and more, including some of Europe’s most sort after traditional Liquers

  • Barolo D.O.C.G Castelletto

    Barolo D.O.C.G Castelletto

    Barolo Castelletto is the wine that most represents Fortemasso, with a distinctive elegance that best expresses the characteristics of the region. After a committed effort in winemaking, we find that this wine delivers increasingly intense and complex emotions as time goes on. A Bright, brilliant ruby red with slight orange highlights.

    Grape Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
    Available in: 750ml
  • Brut Cuvee N.7 Franciacorta D.O.C.G

    Brut Cuvee N.7 Franciacorta D.O.C.G

    Lo Sparviere Franciacorta Curvee N.7 is the most contemporary wine from the Sparrowhawk winery. It embodies the identity of the Provaglio d’Iseo region with crisp mineral notes and a brilliant bright yellow appearance with gold highlights. Perfect for aperitifs and delicate starters.

    Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay
    Available in: 750ml
  • Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C

    Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C

    Langhe Nebbiolo is a wine that best reflects the fruity characteristics of the Nebbiolo vine. Thanks to the careful processing, a great gustatory balance emerges which facilitates the gastronomic combination. A Bright ruby red colour of medium intensity with slight purplish reflections.

    Grape Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
    Available in: 750ml
  • Colle Della Core Trebbiano D'abruzzo D.O.C

    Colle Della Core Trebbiano D’abruzzo D.O.C

    The Trebbiano Colle della Corte takes its name from the farm it came from, and on which there was a cottage enclosed in a court, a very rare thing in Abruzzo where cottages were built much later than other regions of Italy. The most popular Trebbianos are those from the low hills that descend to the sea, such as the Colle della Corte.

    Grape Variety: 90% Trebbiano d’Abruzzo D.O.C 10% Paserina D.O.C
    Available in: 750ml
  • Rubiolo Montepulciano D'abruzzo D.O.C

    Rubiolo Montepulciano D’abruzzo D.O.C

    This wine is the product of a selection of different clones of Montepulciano already present in some old farm vineyards, with a good southern exposure on the Montepagano Hills. The soil is clayey-calcareous alluvial origin. An easy to drink full taste wine with smoothness and character.

    Grape Variety: 100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
    Available in: 750ml
  • Rosato Toscana I.G.T

    Rosato Toscana I.G.T

    This wine comes from the history of our country, and is part of the Chianti Classico wine and food culture. It is obtained by clusters of vine planted more recently. A single vineyard gives us the freshness and lightness of this rosé, the sangiovese grape and precision farming gives its character. A completely organic wine.

    Grape Variety: 100% Sangiovese
    Available in: 750ml
  • Granbruno Toscana I.G.T

    Granbruno Toscana I.G.T

    The climate of Radda is characterised by strong thermal excursions and never excessive maximum temperatures, favouring thus the elegance of our wines. The Merlot grapes come from the vineyards located in the cooler area of our hills; this particular microclimate avoids over-ripening of the grapes. The Sangiovese grapes, instead, are harvested from the younger Chianti Classico vineyards of Castello di Radda, and donate to the wine the typical characteristic of freshness, refinement and elegance.

    Grape Variety: 60% Merlot 40% Sangiovese
    Available in: 750ml

    Chianti Classico D.O.C.G

    Every area of the Chianti Classico region has its own particular terroir. Our vineyards are located about 400 meters above sea level and enjoy an exposition to the southeast, the south, and the southwest. The low production yields, good exposure sustained by an evening ventilation and temperature fluctuations due to low night temperatures favour a correct maturation of the grape. The wine has an extensive aging process which is at least six months before release.

    Grape Variety: 90% Sangiovese 10% Colorino and Canaiolo
    Available in: 750ml

  • Karlovacko Beer

    Croatia’s #1 Beer is here. Clean, fresh and very refreshing. The perfect beer for the lager lover. Brilliantly balanced, lightly bitter and malty enough to make it a fantastic session beer.

    Available in: 330ml

  • Maraska Kruskovac

    One of the most sort after Pear Liqueurs worldwide

  • Cedevita Powder

    Cult product from Croatia – 9 Vitamins and Instant Refreshment. A true ‘must have’ item

    Available Variants: Orange and Lemon

  • Rose Hip Tea

    This king of teas is a true fruit brew crafted from naturally sweet rosehip and hibiscus flower

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