Preserved Fruit and Vege

Delectable additions to any meal

  • Capers in Salt

    Capers, small-medium size, packed in salt. Ideal for garnishing pizzas, first and main course dishes.

    Available in: 1kg

  • Divella Beans

    We stock a great selection of Divella’s canned beans. One of the most popular foods since ancient times and were used for more than seven hundred years as a source of proteins with an unforgettable flavour.

    Available Variants: Chick Peas, Lentils, Borlotti, Butter, Red Kidney and Mixed Beans
    Available in: 400g

  • Greci Whole Artichokes in Oil

    Top quality fresh artichokes, with stem, packed in olive oil. Romana style product which is ideal as a side dish.

    Available in: 2.5kg

  • White Sauerkraut

    Natural and hearty in taste. Fresh from the harvest in an aluminium bag. Free from preservatives and flavour enhancers.

    Available in: 500g

  • Red Sauerkraut

    Already seasoned and gently pre-cooked. Lovingly prepared according to a traditional recipe. Gluten and Lactose Free.

    Available in: 500g

  • Podravka Gherkins

    Podravka gherkins are produced from selected sorts of gherkins and prepared according to our own recipes. They are characterised by a pleasant taste, a specific aroma and a familiar crunchy texture

    Available in: 670g

  • Additional Preserved Fruit and Vegetable Products Available

    Morello Pitted Cherries, Peppers, Stuffed Peppers, Giardiniera, Peppadews, Mushrooms, Figs. Download our full product list below or contact us