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  • Divella Cous Cous

    Cous cous with its Mediterranean flavour is known in all the world: prepare it with vegetables, meat, or as you prefer

    Available in: 500g

  • Divella Polenta

    Precooked corn flour to make a delicious Polenta in just 2 minutes

    Available in: 500g

  • Divella Carnaroli Rice

    If you’re looking for the perfect rice to cook a risotto, stop here: you have found it!

    Available in: 1kg

  • Divella Arborio Rice

    This superfine quality of rice is a firm, long-grain rice that gets its name from the Italian town of Arborio

    Available in: 1kg and 5kg

  • Sicilia Lemon / Lime Juice

    Lemon / Lime Juice, coming from Sicily, obtained from squeezing and vacuum concentrated lemon / lime juice and preserved with potassium methabisulphite.

    Available in: 115mls