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  • Red Sauerkraut

    Already seasoned and gently pre-cooked. Lovingly prepared according to a traditional recipe. Gluten and Lactose Free.

    Available in: 500g

  • Podravka Gherkins

    Podravka gherkins are produced from selected sorts of gherkins and prepared according to our own recipes. They are characterised by a pleasant taste, a specific aroma and a familiar crunchy texture

    Available in: 670g

  • Foodservice Sliced Pre Packs

    Complete range of Foodservice Pre Pack smallgoods in specifically designed bags for the foodservice sector. Easy open, resealable, and layered for easy application

    Available in: 500g, 1kg

  • Retail Sliced Pre Packs

    Complete range of Retail Pre Pack smallgoods, all beautifully presented

    Available in: 80g

  • Cannelloni Sheets

    To make very special dishes, just prepare a mix of meat, vegetables or cheese to stuff your Cannelloni

    Available in: 250g

  • Egg Lasagne Sheets

    Prepare a stuffing with meat, vegetables, cheese and whatever you want and spread generous layers of it between strips of our tasty egg Lasagne

    Available in: 500g or 5kg

  • Gluten Free Pasta

    Gluten Free Pastas are suitable for every recipe, from the simplest to the most elaborate, this is the reason why Divella Corn and Rice Gluten Free Pasta is such a favourite for all

    Available in: 400g

  • Retail Boxed Egg Pasta

    We have a selected range of some of Divella’s beautifully box packaged egg pasta. For the true pasta lover

    Available in: 250g

  • Retail Special Cut Pasta

    We have a selected range of some of Divella’s regional Italian pasta specialties and specialised pasta cuts

    Available in: 500g
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