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  • Tea Ring Biscuits

    Kraš Tea Rings are crunchy, crumbly and melt-in-your mouth delicious. These iconic donut-shaped cookies from Kraš are ready-made for dunking and perfect tea time or after-meal treats.

    Available in: 550g

  • Petit Beurre

    Petit Beurre is a product with the long tradition and is one of the carriers of Kraš’s image. Butter, harmoniously combined with natural ingredients, honey and milk, makes this product unique and of high nutritional value. It is a tasty and light meal, appropriate for any age

    Available in: 480g

  • Elledi Roll Break

    Light and crunchy rolled wafer with a velvety cream filling. A true light delight for every moment.

    Available Variants: Milk, Cappuccino and Hazelnut
    Available in: 80g

  • Elledi Amaretto

    Typical Italian Amaretto biscuit made with sugar, apricot kernels (20%) and egg white

    Available in: 200g

  • Elledi Savoiardi

    Original Lady Finger biscuit with a spongy and friable texture. Prepared with 26% of pasteurized fresh whole eggs

    Available in: 200g and 400g

  • Panettone

    Seasonally available. Bauli is Italy’s No.1 producer of naturally leavened cakes like: Dal Forno Panettone. Naturally leavened dough ensures an unsurpassable lightness and fragrance to Bauli Panettone. In act, they keep amazingly fresh and tasty for a long period of time to offer an extraordinary product that is uniquely soft and with an irresistible fragrance

  • Prosciutto Holder

    We are pleased to bring to you an essential accessory for any prosciutto lover. Make prosciutto carving simple and safe using a prosciutto carving stands as found in kitchens and luxury eateries around Italy

  • Olitalia Table Candy

    Perfect for every dinner table. Beautifully crafted this holder carries a 250ml bottle of Olitalia Extra Virgin olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

  • Vegeta Liquid Stock

    Vegeta Superior stocks are slowly cooked from real bones, meat and vegetables and simmered down, using real ingredients to deliver an exceptional, premium taste.

    Available Flavours: Beef, Vegetable and Chicken
    Available in: 500ml
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